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What is Vuex

November 23, 20202 MIN READ


vuex is a state management library for vue that makes it less cumbersome to share and distribute data within the vueJs application.


Basic knowledge of Vueis required

What next

Without the vuex, we can simply distribute data between components using props, but as the application gets larger, managing data can be quite an handful.

To solve this problem, we make use of the vuex, here we have a centralized store, and from that store our components can access our state directly.

A typical store folder looks like this

  import Vue from 'vue'
  import Vuex from 'vuex'


  export const= new 

Store : This holds out state in our application, and can be accessed using


State : This is the data that will shared in the application. so instead passing it via props. we can simply have it in our store and have our components access them directly.

Getters: According to the Vuex documentation, we think of getters as the computed property for store and it has an helper , which is the mapGetters Helper that simply takes out store getters to out component computed property.

Mutations: State can only be changed in a vuex store by commiting a mutation. A mutation cannot be called directly. Inorder to do so, you need to use store.commit. Instead of committing a mutation in a component methods, we simply dispatch an action on the mutation.

Actions : Action commits a mutation using the contex.commit and dispatch the action using store.dispatch. We also have the mapAction helpers.

Understanding the basic concept of vuex can help us structure and maintain our code effectively

For further reading , check out the vuex documentation to read more on the core and advance concepts of vuex

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