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January 07, 20202 MIN READ

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Over the past few years, a lot of folks have become more interested in technology especially the programming aspect, but they seem not to know how to start. Well if you are one of them or you happen to know somebody who is, kudos!!! you have found the right article.

Programming is the process of taking an algorithm and implementing it with a programming language to proffer a solution. These process are carried out by individuals otherwise known as Programmers who are equipped with skillsets that enable them carry out various task in web, mobile, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL)/ machine learning (ML), and what have you.

So how do you get started:-

#1 BE PASSIONATE : Yeah! You have to be passionate about it because this goes a long way to help you through all the hurdles that comes along and also help you to become better. When it seems as thou you want to quit, the passion will overshadow it and keep you moving.

#2 MAKE RESEARCH : With easy access to internet and portability of your mobile phone, you can check out the different areas or careers in programming and draw a conclusion on what you want to venture into.

#3 ENROLL FOR A COURSE : After making your research, and knowing what area, you need to acquire the skill by enrolling in a training center or any of the online learning platforms like udemy, khan academy, udacity,etc., attend boot-camps or simply meet a friend who is knowledgeable in that skill.

#4 SELF-PRACTICE : Apart from enrolling in a study center (physical or online), the larger part still falls on you, yeah! , you need to keep practicing, reading and expanding your knowledge. This helps you to be better at your skill.

#5 MEETUPS : There are several local community groups that you can be part of, where you get to find other programmers at different phrases of their career, interact with them, share thoughts and also learn.

I sincerely don’t want to make this lengthy, but I do hope, it can help you get started.

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