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December 10, 20191 MIN READ

Hi there, welcome to my blog. I am going to be introducing myself and the purpose of this blog in this blog post.

Growing up as a child, I’ve always loved writing and that has become a passion I want to develop as a Technical Writer and I hope am able to pass knowledge using this platform.

As you probably may have seen already on my index page, my name is Judith Oiku, am a Full-stack Web Developer, Content Strategist, Community-builder based in Lagos Nigeria, l look forward to becoming a Mobile App Developer and also getting my hands into Data Science. My watch words are Great UI Designs & Accessibilty. To know more about me, check out my portfolio page.

The essence of this blog is to basically share my learning or work experiences in different front-end or back-end technologies and other related subject matter in form of articles.

I do hope you find my articles resourceful, feel free to send a DM if you have anything to share and also don’t forget to share my articles with your friends


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